The Netherlands medaled for the eighth successive European Championships as they showed too much for Germany in the bronze medal match in Antwerp.

The Netherlands were the side looking more likely to make the breakthrough in the first quarter after an early penalty corner was repelled. Diede van Puffelen drew an outstanding diving save from Victor Aly from close range while he also kept out Kellerman.

The goal did come in the 19th minute when Jeroen Hertzberger laid an inviting pass on to Kellerman charging forward. He raced into the circle and hit the perfect shot into the bottom corner.

In reply, Germany had four penalty corners in the second quarter but could find no way through the Dutch defences as Sam van der Ven made some crucial stops. He somehow also kept out Florian Fuchs shot from the baseline with the bottom of his foot with the ball rolling along the goal line and out to safety.

The second half started in a quieter fashion with the Dutch looking to play a fast counter game and the Germans having to push the tempo.

The second Dutch goal came in the 43rd minute when Thierry Brinkman got to the baseline and picked out Pruijser waiting at the near post for the touch home.

A Tom Grambusch corner shot was defended to safety to close out the third quarter at 2-0 to the Dutch. Jip Janssen went within centimetres of adding to their total when his shot ricocheted off the bar.

Germany, meanwhile, kept pressing forward with Christopher Ruhr at the heart of things but both corner and open play chances were kept at bay.

On the break, Hertzberger drew a good block from Aly again, keeping it interesting into the last five minutes. But the Rotterdam forward would complete the win with two minutes left from the penalty spot when he was fouled on the way through on goal.

For good measure, van der Ven made a brilliant last minute save from Mats Grambusch. Lukas Windfeder did find the goal with a shot but video showed danger and it was ruled out.

For good measure, Mink van der Weerden nailed a final hooter penalty corner to make it 4-0 and add an extra gloss to the win.

Goals:  19' Bjorn Kellerman (FG) 0-1,  43' Mirco Pruijser (FG) 0-2,  58' Jeroen Hertzberger (PS) 0-3,  60' Mink van der Weerden (PC) 0-4