Host country Belgium have reached the semis after a second consecutive win. England was beaten by 0-2. Spain is right back in the race for the semi-final places after a clear victory over Wales.

Pool A
England - Belgium 0-2

Belgium survived a high-class international contest as they made it two wins from two, making it through to the semi-final with a game to spare, impressing their own King Philippe who was among the sold out crowd at Wilrijkse Plein.

Penalty corner goals from Tom Boon and Alexander Hendrickx proved the difference but the Red Lions were also indebted to Vincent Vanasch who had an excellent game to keep his second clean sheet of the competition so far.

Goals: 15' Tom Boon (PC) 0-1, 49' Alexander Hendrickx (PC) 0-2

Arthur van Doren (Belgium): "Today probably wasn't our best game but, in the end, we got what we needed. We need a bit more composure and quality on the ball which is what we lacked and had against Spain. It?s still a tournament and we have to improve each game. The crowd was awesome today and we look forward to impressing them again!"

Spain - Wales 5-1

Spain bounced back from their opening day loss to Belgium to beat Wales with something to spare, putting them right back in the race for the semi-final places.

They built a 2-0 lead by quarter-time through Alvaro Iglesias and Pau Quemada to be in prime position before moving 4-0 clear via Vincenc Ruiz and Josep Romeu. Gareth Furlong did get one back from a corner but Quemada's second earned a strong victory.

Enrique Gonzalez (Spain): "Wales defended very deep and well. We had lost against Belgium so we could only try and win to have a chance when we go against England. Belgium was our worst ever match so we tried to find our best form against Wales. We know England well, very good players and we need to be aware of Ashley Jackson! We will try only to win, not draw."

Goals: 3' Alvaro Iglesias (FG) 1-0, 14' Pau Quemada (PC) 2-0, 28' Vincenc Ruiz (FG) 3-0, 36' Josep Romeu (PC) 4-0, 42' Gareth Furlong (PC) 4-1, 56' Pau Quemada (FG) 5-1

Pool B
Germany - Netherlands 2-3

Thierry Brinkman finished off an outstanding team move to score the vital goal in a thrilling 3-2 victory for the Netherlands over Germany to secure the first semi-final spot from men's Pool B in Antwerp.

The Dutch led three times in a pulsating contest that flowed from end-to-end at real pace as two of the main title contenders showed what they can do. Mirco Pruijser and Timm Herzbruch exchanged first half goals before Billy Bakker and Lukas Windfeder did likewise in the third quarter, laying the base for Brinkman?s memorable winner.

Goals: 21' Mirco Pruijser (FG) 0-1, 25' Timm Herzbruch (PS) 1-1, 40' Billy Bakker (FG) 1-2, 42' Lukas Windfeder (PC) 2-2, 51' Thierry Brinkman (FG) 2-3

Ireland - Scotland 3-3

Ireland fought back from 3-1 down in the final five minutes to draw their Celtic derby with Scotland, leaving both sides to reflect on a close-run battle.

Tim Cross and Shane O'Donoghue both scored in quick succession in the last five minutes to complete the comeback and earn a point. O'Donoghue had earlier given Ireland a first quarter lead before Kenny Bain's double and one from Craig Falconer saw Scotland lead 3-1 before those late goals.

Goals: 12' Shane O'Donoghue (FG) 1-0, 28' Kenny Bain (FG) 1-1, 33' Kenny Bain (PC) 1-2, 51' Craig Falconer (FG) 1-3, 55' Tim Cross (FG) 2-3, 58' Shane O'Donoghue (PS) 3-3